Whether it’s a break-in or a flood, knowing what you need to do after a home emergency can be confusing and exhausting. Thankfully, you are not alone. At Haas Insurance, we’re there to help you every step of the way, from filing a claim to repairing the damage. However, it’s important you know exactly what you need to do before, during, and after an incident to make for a smoother claims process. When you need to make a home insurance claim, have the following information ready:

1. Details about the incident

Description in your own words of what happened
What you think caused the incident (faulty product, pipe burst, extreme cold)
Keep any items or photos of items that you think may be responsible

2. Lists of the damage

Where the damage started (where is the water coming from, where did the burglar enter)
Dimensions of the area that was damaged
Type of materials that were damaged (doors, drywall, flooring, etc)

3. Type of damage caused

How many items need to be fully replaced
Does anything need to be repaired
Will you need a professional cleaning service

4. Steps you’ve taken to reduce the damage

Describe any work you’ve done to try and fix the problem
What preventative measures have you attempted so far

5. Details about stolen or damaged items

Products brand name
Model number
Original cost
Where and when the item was purchased

6. Police involvement details

Police report number
Responding officer’s name, badge number, phone number

7. Contractor information

If you have a contractor that you’d like to hire, you’ll need to have their contact information ready

8. Alternative living arrangements to be made

If you need to make living arrangements while repairs are made, be sure to document the specific costs associated with such

9. Photos of the damage

Often times, photos will help you while processing an insurance claim
Take photos of your home before damage to be compared to after damage or loss
Take lots of photos, as the more there is to reference, the better

While we don’t want you to have to make a home insurance claim, you can trust that we’re there for you in the instances that you need us. At Haas Insurance, we’re there – every step of the way.

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