At Haas Insurance, our job is to find the home insurance coverage that best suits your needs, regardless of the type of residence you live in or own. The experienced staff of Haas Insurance will review your property insurance requirements and recommend the best policy to suit your needs.

Property insurance policies cover the personal liability of you and your family anywhere in the world. This can include a simple slip and fall that may occur at your home or other accidental damage that can occur to your property at any time. Whether it is the stray golf ball that you were hitting or other unforeseen accidents, we have you covered.

Homeowners Insurance

A home policy is a package policy that includes coverage for the physical structure of your home, outbuildings, your personal property, additional living expenses following a loss, and your personal liability. Because no one policy covers everything, optional add-on coverage and increased limits are available to better protect you.

Condo Insurance

If you are a condominium owner, it is important to determine the definition of a ‘standard unit’ in order to be properly suited for the right condo insurance. The definition of a unit is outlined in the corporation declarations. Condominiums built after May 5, 2001, will outline the definition of a unit in the declarations. For existing condominiums, the corporation must pass a bylaw establishing the definition of a unit because there is no standard definition of a unit. For example, a typical standard unit may or may not include light and plumbing fixtures, floor coverings, and cupboards. You must know what the unit owner’s responsibility is in order for your company to provide proper and adequate coverage.

The Condominium policy also includes coverage for any improvements an owner makes, above and beyond the standard definition of the unit. The policy covers liability loss assessment and condominium additional coverage that the condominium corporation may impose on you. Our service representatives are here to explain all coverage and policy features in detail with you.

Insurance for Tentants

In the case of renting an apartment, tenants are responsible for any damage to the building as a result of their actions. If you accidentally cause a fire in your unit, you could be held responsible for all damage to the building. Tenants’ insurance policies will cover that exposure.

Tenants insurance provides coverage for your personal property as well as additional living expenses should your home not be livable as a result of a claim. Landlords do not carry coverage for tenants’ property if a loss occurs. It is your responsibility to cover your contents and liability exposure.

Cottage Insurance

Those fortunate enough to own cottages appreciate being able to simply relax and enjoy any season at their home away from home. More and more cottages are becoming all-season dwellings, with more luxuries of home. Many of our companies now offer packages similar to a home policy that allows for personal property and coverage on the building at replacement cost value. A policy is also available for the cottage owner who is mainly concerned with liability and can accept limited coverage on the building. Let’s discuss what’s best for you.

Landlord Insurance

Insurance for landlords is in a class by itself. These properties can be a great source of income; however, it is important that you protect that revenue by ensuring you have insurance specifically tailored to your exposures. As your insurance broker, we can help you decide on the type of coverage you require to best protect your asset.

Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella policy provides liability protection once the limits on your homeowners, renters, condo, or automobile policy have been exhausted. Today’s courts are increasingly awarding in excess of $1,000,000 to plaintiffs in lawsuits. If your policy limit is only $1,000,000, you may be left with a shortfall that you would have to pay personally! We would strongly suggest you consider arranging an umbrella liability policy – it is your best protection for very little added cost.


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