One point of contention that many senior citizens over 80 have had in recent years is the process of renewing their driver’s license. With the average life expectancy in Canada around 80 years old, it’s understandable why extra measures are taken, but starting April 21, 2014 the process to renew a seniors driver’s license will be altered just a little.
Here are some details about the G driver’s license renewal process for seniors 80 and over.

Simplified Program

For seniors in this age range who are still in condition to drive, the written knowledge test that was previously part of the program will be eliminated on April 21st. There is still a screening system in place to ensure safety for everyone on the road, it’s just more efficient than what is currently in place.
The new renewal program consists of a standard vision test, a review of your driving record, an in-class group education session and a couple of screening exercises performed in class. These screening exercises don’t require any computer skills and they are designed to figure out which drivers require further assessment like a medical review or a road test. The goal is to ensure every over 80 driver still has the skills required to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Interesting Facts

Here are some details about the renewal program, so you know what to expect when you get there.

  • Drivers in Ontario who are 80 and over must renew their driver’s licenses every two years.
  • The new program takes up about 90 minutes of your time, which is less than half what it is now.
  • A total of 117,237 drivers aged 80 or older attended group education sessions in 2012.
  • The cost for going through the new renewal program will stay the same, which is $32. If a road test is required, there is no additional cost to the driver.

Ontario is the only Canadian province that requires 80 and over drivers to take part in a mandatory education component in order to renew their license.
It’s easy to see that people are staying active longer than they ever have, and more elderly drivers will want to keep going well into their 80’s. This new renewal program will help make it easier, but don’t forget about the insurance element. Give us a call so we can give you a quote.

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