With all the different insurance companies and coverage options in the marketplace, as a consumer it is important to understand your options.

“In Canada, you can purchase insurance

a) directly from an insurance company;
b) from an agent who represents only one insurer and can only offer that company’s products;
c) on the Internet; through a group company or association purchase or
d) through an insurance broker who can offer a choice of coverage from various insurance companies.”

~ Insurance Brokers Association of Canada

It’s important to note that Insurance brokers work on behalf of their clients, not for a company.  That means they are unbiased professionals who provide choice, trustworthy advice, and better price options.

At Haas Insurance, we are not motivated by commission nor limited to one insurance solution.  Our team consists of qualified professionals with the knowledge, experience and variety of portfolio to provide appropriate solutions.

The purpose of insurance is to protect and restore your belongings, personal or business, in the event of an insurable incident.  The value in placing your insurance with an insurance broker is to ensure you are properly protected in the event of a claim.

To learn more about the types of insurance and more helpful consumer resources, visit the IBAC website or give the Haas Insurance team a call.

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