As you may have heard, Ontario’s 2015 budget announced several new auto insurance product reforms for Ontario drivers.

Haas Insurance welcomes and supports these changes as they help make insurance more affordable while still providing protection to you our customers. These changes are part of ongoing reforms since 2010 to combat the widespread fraud and abuse of the system.  It is important to remember that, even with these changes, the Ontario automobile product is the most generous in Canada for legitimate accident victims.

With more choices now available to consumers, an advisor can help you customize the products to your specific needs and budget by helping you decide what you need every step of the way. At Haas, our professional and educated service brokers are trained to search for the coverage you require at the most reasonable price by shopping numerous companies to find you the best fit.

Some of the changes expected in 2016 include:

Snow Tire Discounts

Winter tires are always a good idea to keep you safe while driving on icy or slippery roads. All season tires are not made to handle heavy snow and freezing conditions. Winter tires are constructed of special compounds made for cold weather traction that provide the extra control you need to make it to your destination safely.
Effective January 2016, winter tire discounts are available. If you decide to install winter tires, please contact our office. Amounts vary depending on your insurance carrier, so please call us to ensure you receive your discount. Please have proof of installation available. Haas will work to process your discount efficiently.

Minor Accidents Will No Longer Affect Your Premiums

Effective June 2016, minor at-fault accidents with no reported injuries (Under $2000), not claimed to any insurer will no longer be used in factoring premiums. This is great news for those minor fender benders.

Other Changes effective June 2016

Maximum interest rates to be charged on monthly premiums will drop from the current 3% to 1.3%
An increase in the minimum deductible for comprehensive coverage from the current $300 to $500

Haas Insurance welcomes these reforms. With over 9 million licensed drivers in the province, consumers will now be afforded lower premiums, better coverage and more choices

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