A range of smart technology can not only help mitigate potential threats to your home, they might even save you some money on your insurance premiums. Here’s 7 smart devices that could improve your safety:

1. Home Security Systems

Smart home security systems can prevent break-ins and property loss by alerting you if someone unwanted enters your property. Systems can include motion detectors and security cameras that can function at night. If you receive an alert when you’re not home, you can call 911 or ask a neighbour to check your house.

2. Smoke detectors

These devices will send you an alert if they detect smoke. So, even when you’re not home you can ask a friend or neighbour to check your house or call 911. Some smart smoke detectors can even pinpoint the exact room of the potential problem, making it faster to address the problem before it becomes worse.

3. Carbon monoxide detectors

Similar to smart smoke detectors, smart carbon monoxide detectors will send an alert if carbon monoxide is detected. Some models will even tell you the location of the problem in your house. Whether home or away, an alert can help you get everyone out of the house safely.

4. Water sensors and leak detectors

Smart water leak detectors will send you an alarm when a leak occurs. Advanced models will even turn off your home’s main water supply, which can help prevent a disaster if you’re away from home.

5. Garage door opener

More than just handy for opening your garage door with your phone, this smart device will also alert you if your garage door opens when you’re not home. This is especially handy since most home invasions start with accessing the garage.

6. LED home lighting 

Using smart LED home lightning to be able to turn on lights throughout your house when you’re away is a good deterrent to would-be thieves.

7. Appliances

Smart appliances are especially good for older people. Many detect long periods of use and will shut themselves off before a fire starts or alert you to a potential problem.

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