Farm & Crop Insurance

Farm insurance is not like regular business insurance, it requires special tailoring based on your farm structures, livestock, machinery, and much more. A farm insurance policy can be tailored to provide coverage for dwellings and personal property, farm buildings, produce, livestock, machinery, equipment, and farm liability. At Haas Insurance Group, we have experience insuring small farms and can help you determine what coverage you require.


Extensive, Customizable Farm Insurance Coverage

We offer coverage for all types of farming insurance, including:

  • Extensive Water Coverage
  • Tractor & Machinery Replacement Insurance
  • Barn & Structural Replacement Coverage
  • Farm Accident Insurance
  • Crop and Alfalfa Insurance
  • Livestock Replacement Coverage
  • Employer’s Liability Compensation


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Your farm is your life’s work. Protect it with an insurance broker that understands exactly how to keep you and your farm covered from all risks. Contact Haas Insurance today and we will arrange a visit to your farm to provide you with a competitive farm insurance quote.

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