Whether you need car insurance, home insurance, business insurance, travel insurance or some combination of coverage, you’re going to need a professional to put it all together for you.  In most instances, your choice is between using an insurance agency, your bank, a direct insurance provider or an independent insurance broker.
Some of the major players in the world of insurance include insurance companies like Allstate and State Farm, direct providers like Belair Direct, and major banks like TD, and RBC.  Naturally, we believe that an independent insurance broker is your best bet for insurance, and here are some significant reasons why.

The Ability to Shop Around
One of the major issues when it comes to dealing with insurance providers that represent corporations, is that they can only offer you products their company offers.  As an example, if they know there is a better price for auto insurance at another company that you would qualify for, they have no authority to offer it to you.  All they can do is offer what their employer is willing to provide.  On the flip side, an insurance broker can shop you around to different providers until the very best product for your specific situation comes up.  This is why using insurance brokers is usually more cost-effective.

Up Close and Personal
 If something happens where an insurance claim must be filed, an insurance broker works closely with the client and ensures the process is as simple as possible.  You’ll be able to ask questions to a real person at any point, and you’ll feel like someone is really taking care of you.  With an insurance company or bank, the person or agent that helped you set up your policy may not be there to help you if you need to file a claim.

Brokers Work for You
An insurance broker works on behalf of the client, which is you.  They will advocate on your behalf and do whatever is possible to see that you receive the money you are owed, as laid out in your policy.  An insurance agent or bank, are working for the insurance company, which means they have the best interests of the company in mind during every step of the process.  At some point, the company takes over your claim and there is no one working on your behalf.  With insurance brokers, there is always someone in your corner, offering peace of mind and great service every step of the way

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